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Anthony Dickerson: Biography at a Glance

Anthony is a thoughtful, conversational, inspiring speaker. His laid back style both encourages and motivates the listeners. His unique outlook causes audience members to self-reflect and be their best selves.

  • Entrepreneur: For over 20 years Anthony has owned several businesses in retail, wholesale, manufacturing and in the service industry. Living in both worlds of the entrepreneur and the corporate world gives him the unique perspective of both.

  • Second in Command: Leadership is a two headed coin. On one side is Visionary Leadership, on the other Operations Leadership. As true second in command, Anthony shares his expertise in solving the complex issues of Operations in conjunction with the Visionary Leader.

  • Religion and Ministry: Anthony credits his childhood, which he spent in an apocalyptic cult, for helping examine and develop his theology. He went through a multi-year process examining everything he believed about God. For over 12 years Anthony worked in the full time ministry.

Anthony speaks on topics of Business Consulting, Peak Performance, Human Resources, Business Growth, Culture, Strategic Planning, Faith & Religion, Strategic Leadership, Teamwork & Teambuilding and Business Leadership.

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